My philosophy is simple: Everyone deserves to have beautiful images of themselves. Period.

Yes, selfies and phone snap shots are fun, but you only have a few times in your life when you are able to have beautiful, captivating images that are a TRUE reflection of the real you. Images that make you feel happy and confident…

I started my journey in 1997, when I took my first photography course at STCC. One of my year-end Portfolio images was of an old beat-up, worn out pair of work boots. My instructor chose it as the best in the class, saying that it told a story. I knew then that I wanted to learn everything I could, and keep telling stories with my camera. 

In 1999 I graduated at the top of my class from Hallmark Institute of Photography (Where I met my hubby Kevin) and then headed to New Jersey where I worked as a freelance photographer, and then eventually found my way to Madison Avenue in NYC where I learned makeup artistry at Kimara Ahnert Makeup and Skincare Studio, and got to use those skills on model photo shoots in the city. 

In 2009 Kevin and I decided it was time to open our own studio, taking all of our knowledge and New York experiences with us! I shot all sorts of portraits at the beginning, but quickly realized I really loved working with High School Seniors. It is such an important time in your life and I strive to give you a customized and fun experience to look back on and create portraits that you will love. 

You will make so many memories in your journey through High School, especially this year, your Senior Year! I am so excited that you are considering Beck Photo to help you make memories that will last for years and years to come. 


MEET Kevin

Hi There! Thanks so much for stopping by! 

Elle is a nationally published photographer located in Easthampton, MA. She specializes in Unique High School Senior portraits and loves to let her clients shine in front of the camera.

I’m the techy, gadget-head part of the team. Besides seeing me on set during your photo shoot, I’ll be helping you choose your yearbook image and finalize your print order. 

As Elle mentioned, we met at photography school back in… well, how far back isn’t important. I remember seeing her for the first time and saying to myself, “I’m going to marry that woman”. I’m not sure how I pulled it off but somehow I convinced her to go out on a date with me and 2 years later we were married, I guess it was meant to be! 

When we graduated, I received a tip from one of our instructors that a high-end portrait photographer working in NYC was looking for another assistant. Portraits weren’t my thing, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity like that so we packed up and headed down. It took a few weeks, but I finally got that assisting job and nothing has been the same since. The photographer's name was Timothy White. He photographed celebrities for movie posters and editorials and before I knew it I was on set with the likes of Billy Bob Thorton, Julia Roberts, Harrison Ford and many more. But more importantly, I learned how to assist a portrait photographer. There is a lot that goes into creating a great portrait, and Timothy couldn’t have done his job without his assistants. Little did I know how important this would be for our future… 

After spending a few years with Timothy, I got into managing photo studios in NYC which introduced me to the business side of commercial photography, producing photo shoots and events. But after spending 10 years commuting into the Big City from New Jersey, it was time for us to come home, open a studio and follow our own dreams. 

It’s been several years since we started Beck Photo and when I’m not photographing architecture, I’m assisting Elle either on set for the photo-shoot or retouching portraits after the shoot. I truly enjoy helping her create amazing portraits of high school seniors and we always have a blast on our photo-shoots. Having fun on a shoot is something we pride ourselves on and is key in our clients feeling relaxed, allowing Elle to capture someone’s true personality. 

If you want to experience a real photo shoot, have fun and get some incredible images, give us a call! 

Oh yeah, if you want to see some pretty cool homes, check out my Beck Photo Homes website:  See you on set!


why beck?

We know, it's confusing but there is actually a good story behind it:

When we moved back to East Longmeadow to open our studio, there was already a "Bacon Photography" in East Longmeadow, who knew!  We planned to offer something very different than the current "Bacon" studio and didn't want clients to get us confused so we had to come up with another name.  Elle put her creative mind to work and said to me one day, "hey, what about an acronym for our little family; Bacon, Elle, Cameron (our son) and Kevin. Voila´, Beck Photo was born!  Actually it was Beck Photography for a couple of years and then we shortened it to just be Beck Photo, short and punchy.  

In 2013 we added a new member to our family, a little Cavachon puppy who we named Isaac.  After some thought and as much as we LOVE the little guy, "Becki Photo" just didn't work, sorry Isaac!

Kevin and Elle Bacon, but the studio is called Beck Photo?

back to elle

life was meant for good friends and great adventures.



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